Checking In

Yo guys, what’s going on? Just wanted to check back in so I can get this bad boy of a website up and running. Really, I just want this thing to be as user-friendly as possible, so get to commenting, trust me: I wanna hear your thoughts.

(Brilliantly segues into a random post about Metallica)

Mariano Rivera trotting out of the pen in the bottom of the ninth, Yanks up a run. Fans in a furious uproar, commentators attempting their witty banter, but there’s something else that is just barely audible over all the aforementioned din. Wh–what is that? Is that… Metallica..?

“Enter Sandman” starts playing, louder and louder as Mo’ approaches the rubber. Each of his footsteps inciting a more passionate “Thunda’!” than the previous one from the heavy metal group.

One can only imagine what a stadium is like at that point in time. Rocking the very foundation of the structure; the sound reverberating up and out of the open-air park, engulfing the entire city. Maybe, a case can be made that the environment influences a pitcher in that situation, more than all other variables that he would encounter throughout the day. That may, or may not be the case. However, one piece of evidence remains undeniable…

Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer of all-time.